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Food challenge

Water - gradually increase your water intake across the week to 1.5-2 litres per day plus one extra glass for each coffee or tea you have and exercise you do (yes you will be running to the loo but if you can keep up the water intake over five weeks your body will readjust & get used to it)

Veggies - gradually increase veggie intake (excluding potatoes) to five cups per day, two of which must be green leafy veggies - great source of magnesium to help give your muscles energy - notice how ‘clean’ you feel in eating five cups of veg!

Alcohol - zero alcohol for one week - replace with kombucha or coconut water or similar - notice how bloating reduces, sleep improves, even skin can improve as you rehydrate...

Sugar - reduce your sugar intake to zero across one week - no sugar in beverages, no treats /snack with sugar, no sugar in cooking - sugar causes high inflammation in the body, contributing to all kinds of health disorders from diabetes to cancer and cardiovascular disease. If you have to have a treat, have a small handful of berries or other fruit! Notice how your belly flattens!

Fibre - gradually increase fibre intake by having Psyllium husks daily - start with 1/4 teaspoon working up to one tablespoon per day - make sure you drink a full large glass of water with it! Notice how this changes your bowel motions - even if you go daily, you may not be fully emptying. Having a regular, daily bowel motion (or two) where you fully evacuate your bowels helps reduce cholesterol, remove toxic waste from the body and even helps with weight loss!

Low carb/no carb - What’s all the keto fuss about? Try this: no sugar, no carbs - no rice, pasta, bread, treats, snacks, crackers etc… Replace with veggie sticks and dip, a slice of parmesan cheese, around 12 almonds, cauliflower rice, zucchini noodles etc. Notice how bloating reduces, flatulence disappears and after a few days, energy and sleep may also improve.

No dairy - whilst dairy does contain a high amount of calcium, what they don’t tell you is that it is not the most absorbable form - nuts, seeds, sardines, tahini, all contain less calcium than milk however at a much higher rate of absorption. Dairy can cause inflammation and mucous in the body - notice how your sinus’ clear, snoring reduces, bloating reduces, flatulence reduces.

No take-away meals - the hidden costs of take away meals includes the use of very poor quality oils that are cheap, and nasty. Poor quality oils contribute to inflammation, cholesterol and toxicity. You liver has to work hard to break them down and clear them from the body. Making home cooked meals using olive oil, coconut oil or rice bran oil reduces the negative impacts of these cheap quality oils. Notice your overall feeling of well-being, maybe less bloating and increased energy.

No bakery treats - bakery treats are often made with ‘trans-fats’ - trans fats are not natural (ie. margarine) and are man made. Trans fats cause irreparable damage to our cells, contributing to the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic illnesses. Not to mention the high sugar content. Notice less bloating, flatulence and improved energy.

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