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AB MAT (New purchase here at BFS)

The ab mat, when placed under the lumbar spine with the higher portion towards your bum creates this beautiful environment for the abdominals to move through their full and available range of motion.

It allows for the extension needed in the lumbar spine and anterior tilt in the pelvis, thereby giving the abdominal muscles what they yearn for - full range, elongation, and forceful contraction.

Ever noticed your hips are sore and achy after sit-ups? That's because traditional sit-ups can create added tension on the hip flexors. Using an Ab Mat helps focus the right muscles and activate them during a sit-up, which can alleviate some pressure that's put on the hip flexors.

With any movement, you want to strive for a full range of motion. If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles. This is especially important.

Some exercises for the ab-mat sit up

  • Lie on your back, and open your legs into a butterfly shape with the soles of your feet pressed together and knees out wide. Extend your arms overhead.

  • Inhale to curl your torso up and tap the floor in front of your feet.

  • Lower back to the starting position

Beginner:- have your hands at your hips, as you sit up, move your hands up ad through the inside of your knees

Experienced:- have your hands resting on your shoulders and perform the sit-up

Expert:- have your hands up and over your head as you perform a sit-up

The Machine;- grab a weight!!!!!!

Side crunches

These work just as if you're standing upright and doing a crunch. however, you'll lay on the Ab Mat and perform a crunch o target your obliques


As you perform a sit-up, twist to one side, then another, to give your obliques the stretch and range it needs. The support from the Ab Mat will guide your core and having your feet elevated adds to the burn

Reverse Crunches

This time, your legs will help you perform the crunch motion. You will lie back and be guided by the Ab Mat, elevating your legs (or knees) and performing a thrust motion upward, allowing the core to engage

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