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  • Set yourself a realistic and achievable goal that is measurable. E.G. fit into that dress I wore after my wedding at the end of this 5 weeks….. to commit to exercising 3 x per week for 5 weeks…. Lose 4kg in 5 weeks…. Etc.

  • Take a before photo (front and side profile) in something tight (active wear), bikini, whatever will show your outline.

  • Take your weight weekly, preferably in the morning before exercise and eating (use your own scales or here at BFS using the more technical scales).Take final photos at the end.

  • Commit to 6-8 glasses of water per day.

  • Try to have at least 8 hours a sleep a night.

  • If you have a sweet tooth substitute to healthy desert (which will be posted in my recipe blog)

  • Reduce alcohol. Maybe try no alcohol for 2-3 nights.. Other nights reduce your intake. Try alcohol that has less calories..

  • Read BFS nutrition recipes and make a weekly recipe plan.

  • Write in your journal daily (you will receive by the end of the week) Your food intake, water intake, alcohol intake, sleep. Record your challenges and goals.

  • If, like most mums, you are time poor, plan your shopping for the week, and spend a few hours cooking in bulk, so that you’re prepared for the week – it helps immensely when you’re time poor – and no ones as time poor as a mamma.

  • Throw out all the junk at home.. Get rid of the alcohol. Replace it with fresh, clean options… Simply not having the temptation in the house will help immensely.

  • Commit to at least 3 Beau Fitness Group classes a week – HONESTLY THIS IS GOING TO HAVE THE BIGGEST IMPACT ON YOUR SUCCESS… HANDS DOWN. By holding yourself accountable to other mums out there, your likelihood of seeing through the program in its entirety SKYROCKETS!

  • Choose four Beau Fitness Class Challenges. Core, Legs, Arms & Cardio. BFS have options or be creative…… Find a fellow team mate to compete with. You can discuss options with me …. Make it challenging!

  • I’m with you 110% of the way. I’m here to challenge and motivate you.

Your coach, mentor and friend.


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